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Pay For Performance- Vehicle Dismantler

Price: $349.00 (Ex Sales: $349.00)

If you can’t get your vehicles dismantled in a timely manner you are going to miss sales.  Customers will only wait so long.  Give your dismantler an incentive to process more vehicles without you having to stand over them to get it.  Instead of you worrying about how many vehicle they can process they will be worried that you are not buying enough vehicles.  This video comes with a complete explanation of how this works and worksheets with rule and expectations plus suggested prices for the tasks involved.  Incentive pay really works.

Once you have purchased this product you will receive an email with a link that will take you directly to the video.  Double click on the website link when you are ready to view the video and download the manual.  Or copy the link, open your Internet Explorer and paste the website link on the website line.

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