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Pay For Performance - Parts Pullers and Shippers

Price: $349.00 (Ex Sales: $349.00)

 You won’t believe the number of parts that can be pulled and shipped when the people have an incentive to do more instead of less work.  Get ready, because they will run out of work the first day and all those special projects that you could never get done will become their top priority.  The video comes with suggested prices and form so they can get paid for the special projects they now have time to do.  This video explains how you can set up a program which can double the number of parts pulled and shipped.  Incentive pay works.

Once you have purchased this product you will receive an email with a link that will take you directly to the video.  Double click on the website link when you are ready to view the video and download the manual.  Or copy the link, open your Internet Explorer and paste the website link on the website line.

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