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The following issues are included in the Employee Handbook.

          Breaks                                   Smoking Policy
Outside Activities                 Drug-Free Work Place
Company Property               Parking
Equal Employment               Travel Reimbursement
Opportunity Probation         Holidays
Vacation and Sick Time        Recruitment by Others
Lunch Break                           Workers' Compensation
Salary                                      Sexual Harassment
Disciplinary Action                Training and Accreditation
Promotions                             Nepotism
Grievance Procedures          Work Hours
On-The-Job Injury                 Insurance
Standards of Conduct           Resignation
Employment Eligibility          New Employee Orientation
Payday                                     Overtime
Unemployment Compensation

The handbook will be customized to include your company information, such as name and address.

These handbooks are not intended as legal documents or as contracts.  Specific employee questions should be referred to an attorney or other recognized experts.

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