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The following seminars are available for conventions and conferences and

presented by Counts Consulting


Presentation Title: “48 Commonly Accepted Business Ideas Which Are Wrong”

Subject: Correcting commonly accepted ideas which are incorrect and costly.

Presentation Description: We have identified 48 issues which most recyclers believe to be true which are exactly the opposite of what you would think, when we examine the facts.  In this seminar we will explore what is REALLY happening.

Program Length: 30 Minutes


Presentation Title: “How Recyclers Are Dealing With The Ever Changing Market”

Subject: Taking advantage of the changes which are affecting our industry.

Presentation Description: No one has to tell you that our industry has and is going thru a lot of changes. Fortunately, we aren’t helpless when it comes to overcoming or benefiting from the new marketplace. This seminar explains what other recyclers are doing to grow in today’s market.

Program Length: 30 Minutes

Presentation Title: “How to pay more for cars and sell the parts for less.

Subject: How to increase what you can pay for vehicles and still have competitive prices.

Presentation Description: Most of us have found ourselves at the auto auction where a friendly competitor consistently pays more for vehicles than we can. When we call them on a common part, we find they want less for the part than we do. Do you ever wonder how they can stay in business? Yet, they seem to grow and prosper. Your competitor may already know what we will discuss at length in this detail packed seminar. Designed to be simple to understand and implement, this seminar can change the way you run your business and increase sales.

Program Length: 30 Minutes

Presentation Title: “How to increase sales by selling fewer parts.

Subject: Handling more vehicles without hiring additional employees

Presentation Description: We often feel like we are making the same or less money even though we are doing a lot more sales. We will discuss how to control this problem and get profits up with sales increases.

Program Length: 30 Minutes

Presentation Title: “There’s more to P & L than Parts and Labor.

Subject: Producing a Profit and Loss report that indicates you actual financial status is not only needed it is easy to do.

Presentation Description: Most recyclers pay very little attention to their monthly Profit and Loss Report because the figures do not indicate the financial status for the business. Most can make their report look better by reducing inventory purchases and the report won’t indicate they are going broke until it is too late. We will discuss how a few changes in the way this report is produces can make the Profit and Loss one of the more valuable monthly reports we have.

Program Length: 30 Minutes

Presentation Title: “How to increase you’re net profit with cars that lose money.

Subject: I it possible to increase the companies net profit by large sums of money by dismantling and selling parts off vehicles that will never cover the cost to process them.

Presentation Description: As we struggle to maintain our profit margins it becomes increasing important that we understand the full potential of our business and take advantage of profits that may otherwise escape us. We will discuss how processing money losing vehicles may bring your companies net profit back up to previous levels.

Program Length: 30 Minutes

Presentation Title: “There’s more to Sales than Salespeople.

Subject: How owners unknowingly keep sales from increasing.

Presentation Description: Have you hired a new salesperson and then sales did not go up? Do you tell you salespeople that if they sell the parts for less you cannot replace them? Did you know that the price of inventory is going down every week? Have your sales leveled out or dropped and you can’t get them growing again? All these and other issues will be covered from a purely factual basis and you will see that many of the old rules are completely wrong. What you learn in this seminar will change your understanding of what you do every day and how you may be the cause of the sales problems.

Program Length: 30 Minutes

Presentation Title: "Pay for Performance."
Subject: Why incentive pay is the best way to control payroll.

Presentation Description: How to use incentives to improve work flow, reduce payroll and keep better employees.

Program Length: 30 minutes

Presentation Title: “The Five Clipboard Training System

Subject: How to train and keep all your staff on the same program.

Presentation Description: We never seem to have time to train our employees. This system allows recyclers to let employees train each other at the same time management can be assured of the information they are learning.

Program Length: 30 Minutes

Presentation Title: “How to Make Advertising Work For You.

Subject: Learn how to know when to advertise so it will produce sales.

Presentation Description: Advertising is expensive, unless it produces both sales and new customers. Learn what to measure in your business, so you know when advertising will work for you. Then we will discuss how to get the customer’s attention, make the phones ring and the cash drawer bulge with money.

Program Length: 30 Minutes

Presentation Title: “What’s Inventory Really Worth and How To Expense It.

Subject: How to value and write off inventory and create an accurate Profit & Loss report.

Presentation Description: Our industry and accountants have struggled for years with determining what our inventory is worth. The way most recyclers expense inventory causes our P&L to be meaningless. We will discuss ways of valuing and writing off inventory, so reports will indicate the actual profit picture. We will also discuss how to determine the value of inventory and the reports to keep in case an auditor questions your inventory value.

Program Length: 30 Minutes

Presentation Title: “Sales Made Easy.

Subject: How to close more sales, handle more calls and make more money.

Presentation Description: The following topics will be discussed:

· How to sell without ever telling the customer you have the part.

· Controlling the phone call without the customer’s knowledge.

· Pricing the part. Know when to hold and when to fold.

· Pricing and selling damaged parts.

· Pulling parts for retail customers.

Program Length: 30 Minutes

Presentation Title: “How to run the business from the boat.

Subject: How to know if you business is headed in the right direction.

Presentation Description: This is a discussion of the critical parts of our business that we need to measure each week, month and year to see where we stand. Sometimes we get so busy running around in our businesses that we fail to check to see it we’re on track or headed for a wreck. This seminar covers the 3-5 reports in Checkmate, Hollander and Pinnacle that will tell you what is happening and how to spot the trouble spots, before they effect profits.

Presentation length: 30 Minutes

Presentation Title: “How to keep your prices in line with the marketplace."

Subject: How to evaluate and adjust part prices to maximize profits.

Presentation Description: With today’s rapidly changing market and the number of vehicles leaving the country it is critical that we stay on top of our pricing. The effort put into proper pricing can greatly increase your ability to buy, cash flow and profits. We will discuss ways to use your sales history to update your prices. Considerable time will be spent on the logic and thinking process that goes into proper pricing. We will list the reports your IMS produce that should be used to re-price inventory.

Presentation length: 30 Minutes

Presentation Title: “Why You Should Sell Extended Warranties

Subject: How to provide customers with a parts and labor warranties at a profit.

Presentation Description: This is the most important new system in our industry. Extended Warranties can be a major source of income and customer satisfaction. We will discuss how to price, sell and honor extended warranties. This is a win-win program for the recycler, the shops and the end user of our parts.
Presentation length: 30 Minutes

Presentation Title: “We Sell Everything We Buy!

Subject: How and when we purchase inventory affect sales more than the phones or the shops workload.

Presentation Description: It all starts with our buying. We blame sales decreases on the phones not ringing without realizing we cause the phones to stop ringing. Learn the real impact of what you buy and when you buy it.

Presentation length: 30 Minutes

Presentation Title: “How To Keep The Family In A Family Business?"

(What Will Thanksgiving Dinner Be Like)

Subject: As we consider hiring a child or relative we should consider what the future will hold.

Presentation Description: Many relatives come into our business as employees or possibly as future managers and owners without the proper tools to be successful. Learn what to consider before you make a move that could change your family relationships forever.

Presentation length: 30 Minutes

Type of Presentations: These are Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.

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