Company Policy Training for New and Current Inventory Person

publication date: Jan 21, 2008
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Making sure new and current employees are following company policy and procedures is a major challenge for our industry. Most training is little more than "go watch Bill for a day" and then we throw them to the wolves. When they make a mistake, we lecture them, which is their next training session. And on and on it goes until the employee finally learns all the unwritten rules, we fire them or they quit in frustration.
Our manuals have the employee train themselves because you provide them with a daily questionnaire which the new employees must fill in each day as they work with a current employee. This way you can make sure they understand there job responsibilities because they have to write the current policy and procedure for each question on the sheet.

You can also use these questions to verify that current employees know what to do when a situation arises. These manuals take the work out of training and keep employees learning at a rapid and verifiable pace. You can also add questions to the training manuals to customize them to your business.

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