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About Jim Counts


After owning three successful automotive recycling businesses we have become the preferred consultant for hundreds of auto and truck recyclers from San Juan to Anchorage and Newfoundland to Australia. Jim has been a featured speaker at ARA, APRAA, IT conference, Parts Plus in Australia, Parts World in New Zealand, SGI Salvage, Ontario Auto Recyclers of Canada and most US state conventions. As author of the automated pricing and management assistant algorithms used in the Powerlink 2, Pinnacle, Inventory Buddy and Bid Buddy XL systems Jim has a intregate understanding of how the industry works. Jim is best known for simple solutions to what often appears to be complex problems and was voted Motivator Of The Year by The Locator magazine in 2005.

We want to change the image of the junkyard and wrecking yard to that of a professional auto and truck recycler and this website is dedicated to that process.  Have a blessed day.

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